Road Roller Machines

Our Road Rollers

Get ready to roll with our extraordinary range of road rollers, designed to conquer any construction challenge. Our road roller machines are not just
powerful; they’re road-rolling rockstars! From compact wonders to mighty giants, we have the perfect roller to make your projects a smooth success – Trust Vertu Equipment for unrivalled quality, unbeatable durability, and service. Explore our range below.

Rolling Out a New Industry Standard

Our top-of-the-line machines are designed to tackle the toughest roading jobs on-site while providing unmatched versatility and performance. Discover what sets our road rollers apart from the rest.


With a streamlined and easy-to-
learn design, SANY road rollers
help make it simple for even new
recruits to make light work of any
roading job. The ease of use of these machines is a huge advantage for any worker, new or old.

Smart Technology

SANY road roller machines embrace smart technology to optimise efficiency and minimise downtime. With intelligent systems that monitor and adjust compaction parameters in real- time, these rollers ensure precise compaction while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Experience the future of road construction with SANY’s innovative and efficient solutions.


When it comes to durability, SANY
road rollers are in a league of their own. Our rollers use high- quality componentry and undergo rigorous manufacturing standards to withstand the toughest working conditions and guarantee long-lasting service.

Operator Safety

SANY road rollers prioritise the
wellbeing of operators. The ergonomic design and spacious cabins provide a comfortable working environment, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity. With cutting-edge safety features, such as intuitive controls and advanced visibility options, SANY rollers prioritise the safety of the operators and those around the construction site.