Industry-Leading Material Handlers

Material handlers in all heavy-lifting sectors will require special machinery to help get the job done. Vertu Equipment offers a range of versatile and durable material-handling machines for both hire and purchase so that you can power through even the toughest heavy-lifting jobs. Browse our material-handling machines online and discover how our machinery can help you.

What Makes SANY Material Handling Machines Move?

Superior Hydraulic Power

Utilising powerful hydraulic pumps, SANY material handlers can provide precise power, no matter how big or small the job. Whether the job calls for light and accurate movements or heavy-duty lifting, our material handlers always produce a smooth and deliberate lift.

Stable Support Guaranteed

Stability is an absolute must when working with heavy loads or tricky terrain. Sandy material handlers feature a wide square support base that will provide optimal stability, no matter the size or location of the job. The wide base also ensures that weight distributes evenly, which can be a lifesaver when dealing with heavy-duty jobs.

Handles All Sorts of Situations

SANY material handling machines feature an extensive selection of arm and boom combinations, so you know your machine is ready for any job in front of it. The two-position swivel axis also allows for varied height selection during operation. The combination of these two features gives you the flexibility to handle any material and height with ease.

Continued High-Level Performance

Your material handler will be put through its paces daily, so you’ll want something you can rely on. SANY uses high-quality, industry-leading components during the manufacturing process to ensure its machines are as durable as they are powerful. Here at Vertu, we also offer routine services on all our SANY machinery.