Industry-Leading Telehandlers

SANY’s latest telehandler series is breathing new life into Australasia. The completely revamped machines have once again set the bar high for safety, convenience, and performance. Leading the way in the new series are the STH1440 and STH1840 telehandlers. These versatile machines exceed expectations in construction, industrial, and transshipment applications, outperforming other lifting equipment. With their sturdy and compact design, they are ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as loading and stacking. Furthermore, a wide range of attachments can be added to further enhance their functionality.

Models contain additional specification options that are available. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Setting The Benchmark for Productivity

The latest SANY telehandler series distinguishes itself with exceptional manoeuvrability and short travel times. This is made possible by offering three steering modes: two-wheel steering for everyday use, four-wheel steering for working in tight spaces, and crab steering for precise positioning or manoeuvring near walls or buildings. In addition, the powerful load-sensing system further enhances productivity by controlling hydraulic pressure in proportion to different outputs.

Stable Support Guaranteed

By continuously monitoring the movements of the machine and the weight of the load, our telehandlers automatically regulate their stability. This helps prevent hazardous situations and restricts the use of chassis levelling or stabilisers when the specified height limits are surpassed.

Maintenance Made Quick and Easy

Performing daily checks and maintenance on our equipment is a breeze, as all tasks can be completed from the ground. The filters for engine oil, hydraulic oil, and fuel are conveniently located in the center, while the air filter is easily accessible from the engine compartment. With the aid of a gas-powered cylinder, the engine cover can be opened effortlessly, providing comfortable access from three sides. Additionally, the battery can be accessed at any time through an upward-folding step located under the cab, making work even more efficient.

Efficiency- Save While You Drive

In times of constantly rising fuel costs, an energy-efficient drive system is more important than ever. For this reason, the SANY telehandlers are fitted with a powerful common rail injection system and electronic engine control (EMR) with intelligent connection to the drive management system. This provides optimum engine power at a low level of fuel consumption. The Dana transmission and the axles are also perfectly coordinated to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. Furthermore, the Cummins 74 kW engine operates without exhaust treatment and therefore requires no AdBlue additives. Using the main display, the operator is able to access information on the remaining fuel, the amount of fuel consumed since the machine was last refuelled, and the current average rate of fuel consumption.