SANY Accelerates Development of New Energy Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Global Debut of Testing Center

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SANY Expedites Advancement of New Energy Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Inauguration of Global Testing Center

SANY proudly announces the official commencement of operations at the SANY New Energy Engineering Vehicle Testing Center. This groundbreaking facility, located in the heart of Changsha City, marks a significant milestone in the field of new energy heavy-duty vehicles. With an impressive investment exceeding RMB 100 million, the Center stands as a world-first, boasting a comprehensive range of cutting-edge facilities that position it as China’s premier testing base dedicated to the advancement of battery-powered engineering vehicles.

Spanning across an impressive 100-acre area, the Center encompasses both an indoor laboratory and an outdoor testing site, facilitating the concurrent evaluation of up to 20 vehicles in terms of performance and reliability. Within its state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Center houses a wide range of specialized testing equipment, specifically tailored to assess cutting-edge technologies such as motors, batteries, electronic controls (HIL), hybrids, hydrogen fuel, battery cells, and electric drive axles.

With an arsenal of over 20 advanced electric test benches, the Center has successfully conducted more than 100 comprehensive tests for SANY-manufactured new energy vehicles. At the heart of the facility lies its heavy-duty chassis dynamometer, capable of generating an impressive traction force of 120,000N and accommodating an axle load of up to 35 tons. Additionally, the Center is equipped with an extreme environment chamber designed for whole-vehicle testing, boasting a voluminous capacity exceeding 2,500m³. Within this chamber, temperature evaluations can be performed within a range spanning from -45℃ to 70℃, while a cutting-edge sunlight simulation system ensures a comprehensive assessment of vehicle performance.

You Ligang, Deputy Director of the Center, emphasized SANY’s commitment to spearheading the global shift towards a low-carbon economy through the establishment of this cutting-edge testing hub. With a primary focus on enhancing technological reliability and fostering marketable innovations in the realm of battery-powered engineering vehicles, SANY aims to be at the forefront of driving progress in this sector.

SANY Paves the Path for China's Electrification Market

Having achieved remarkable milestones in 2022, including surpassing the 1,000 mark in electric crane sales, securing the annual sales championship for electric heavy-duty trucks, and selling over 1,300 electric mixers, SANY has solidified its position as the industry leader in China’s electrification market. To sustain and further expand its dominance, SANY has ambitious plans to establish a new energy engineering vehicle test site, catering to the escalating testing demands in the rapidly evolving field of new energy technologies.

In its unwavering commitment to excellence, SANY is embracing digital innovation as a means to optimize its manufacturing strategy and drive corporate sustainability. A prime example of this forward-thinking approach can be found in SANY’s No.18 Factory, which has successfully implemented an automated production system leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, effectively addressing periodic market challenges. As a result, the factory has achieved remarkable milestones, witnessing an impressive 123% surge in production capacity and a remarkable 98% increase in productivity. Additionally, this innovative integration has led to a significant reduction of 29% in unit manufacturing costs, underscoring SANY’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability in its operations.

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