SANY Mini Excavators & Diggers

Vertu Equipment offers the versatility and reliability essential to any job site with our mini excavators. Whether working on a DIY project at home or running a large-scale operation, mini diggers are vital for several on-site tasks. We are proud to offer a range of small excavators from SANY which provide powerful performance in a compact machine. Depending on your specific job requirements, we offer options for both purchase and long-term hire. Explore our range of mini excavators and find the perfect solution for your needs

Small Size, Big Performance

Our mini excavators are incredibly powerful and are indispensable on any job site. Discover why more work sites are turning to these mini machines.

Small Spaces Are No Longer a Problem

Squeezing large diggers into smaller job sites can feel like pushing a square peg into a round hole. Mini excavators provide an easy solution, helping you avoid the headaches and hassles of site access. Thanks to their compact design, these machines can easily navigate through narrow gates, making them ideal for indoor or residential projects where space is limited.

Ease of Operation

Small excavators are easy to operate. Thanks to their user-friendly design, workers can quickly learn to operate a mini excavator. This reduction in training time leads to lower training costs, saving you money in the long run. With time being of the essence in construction projects, mini excavators can help your team get up and running much more quickly.

Easily Switch from Manpower to Machine-Power

Mini excavators can significantly reduce the need for costly manual labour on-site by handling heavy lifting tasks, enabling you to redeploy your workers to more skilled jobs.

With our range of small excavators, there’s no need to send your team to site with a couple of shovels to get to work. These machines can work in areas where most heavy machinery cannot, saving you and your team time and money.