SANY Medium Excavators

The SANY medium-sized excavator is a powerful and versatile machine designed to handle a wide range of applications. Our medium excavator range falls between 9.2 and 16 tonnes in operating weight. It has impressive dig depths of up to 5.4m, making it more than capable of handling everything from excavation and demolition to landscaping and roading.

The SANY medium-sized excavator is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and high-performing excavator. Browse the range below.

Average Size, Extraordinary Performance

SANY medium-sized excavators are characterised by their faithful service and powerful performance, but there’s much more going on under the hood than that! Discover what makes these excavators the top choice for many fields and job sites

A Longer Life Span

Our medium-sized excavators offer exceptional durability and reliability. Their structural parts boast a service life of over 10,000 hours, eclipsing previous industry standards. With high-strength components and a robust structure, these machines can withstand rigorous testing and operate in even the harshest work environments.

Superior Stability

These sophisticated excavators are built to maintain stability regardless of working conditions, even when the swing radius is at a minimum. The medium excavator is your most reliable option for tricky terrain that still requires a little extra oomph.

Reduced Downtime

Thanks to their reinforced parts and sturdy structure, SANY medium-sized excavators can operate continuously with minimal breakdowns. Additionally, their advanced filtration system ensures that hydraulic oil stays clean and effective for longer periods, doubling maintenance periods and drastically reducing maintenance costs. Eliminate downtime on your sites by utilising SANY excavators.