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Find quality equipment at bargain prices with our current heavy machinery sales.

Our Heavy Equipment Promotions

Vertu Equipment constantly has a range of heavy machinery sales running, from excavators to wheel loaders, rollers, telehandlers, and material handlers. Each piece of equipment is renowned worldwide for delivering top performance, versatility, and durability.

Discover a wide range of promotions tailored to your needs, whether you require compact machines for tight spaces or heavy-duty machines for demanding projects. All SANY equipment is built with advanced technology, robust construction, and efficient performance, ensuring optimal productivity on the job site.

Our promotions also come with comprehensive after-sales support when you need it, including market-leading warranty coverage, providing you with peace of mind and long-term value.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your fleet and take your construction projects to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about our current heavy machinery sales and secure the perfect machine at an unbeatable price.


Mini Excavator Packages

Buying has never been easier with all your essential requirements in one convenient package, offered at a single, affordable price. All units in stock and ready to work!

sy16c mini excavator package deal

SY16C | SY18U | SY18C Package Deals

The SY16C, SY18U and SY18C mini excavators are the smallest and lightest models in the SANY range, yet they come equipped with all the necessary features for efficient and precise work. With their user-friendly controls and versatile operation, these mini diggers are highly productive tools suitable for any task. Additionally, their lightweight design and compact size allow for quick and easy transportation from site to site.

SY26U Package Deal

The SANY SY26U is equipped with everything necessary to become an indispensable asset. Its impressive qualities encompass not only its power and durability, but also the precise response characteristics of all its components, made possible by its sophisticated hydraulic system. Delivering outstanding performance at a fair price, it exemplifies cost-effectiveness.

SY35U Package Deal

Precise results and reliable high performance, getting down to work even in confined spaces – the SY35U offers everything you expect from a mini excavator. It is robust, easy to use and, thanks to its excellent performance data, suitable for all types of excavation work.

sy35U mini excavator package deal
SANY SY135C Package deal Victoria. Current Heavy Machinery Sales

SY135C Ready To Work Package Deal

The SY135C resoundingly proves that the performance of a compact excavator is not necessarily determined by bulky size. Weighing a total of 13.8 tonnes, it offers the optimum ratio of power to manoeuvrability. In addition, the robust, wide heavy-duty undercarriage and the robust dozer blade provide a high level of stability.

SY135C Package Includes:

  • 13.8T Base Machine
  • Hydraulic Hitch
  • 1600mm Mud Bucket
  • Factory GP bucket
  • Plant Risk Assessment
  • Safety Stickers
  • 5YR/5000HR Key Component Factory Warranty
=$134,990 + GST

Ready To Work 5 Tonne Plus Package Deals

SANY compact excavators combine maximum performance and maximum flexibility. Their compact design enables them to be used even where the construction sites are tight or complicated tasks have to be mastered. Get simple operation, high driver comfort, the latest hydraulic technology and standard attachments all in a ready to work package. All units in stock with fast turn around times.

SANY SY50U Package promotion Victoria. Current Heavy Machinery Sales

SY50U/SY80U Package Deal

The SANY SY50U and SY80U excavators are truly mighty compact machines. With their zero swing design, they excel not only on urban construction sites but also in tight spaces. The combination of power, versatility and dual hydraulic lines guarantee high productivity in any setting.

SANY SY80U Package promotion Victoria. Current Heavy Machinery Sales

SY155U Package Deal

The SANY SY155U is the largest zero swing model in the SANY excavator range. Witness the remarkable capabilities of the SY155U short-tail-swing excavator, even in restricted spaces. Its compact design, featuring a short slewing radius, enables robust performance even in tight areas. Furthermore, its exceptional manoeuvrability grants access to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible to similar machines.

SANY SY155U Excavator Package Deal. Current Heavy Machinery Sales
SANY SY215C Package promotion Victoria.

SY215C Package Deal

The SANY SY215C applies its power with precision. This is because every detail is specifically designed for the tough conditions on construction sites. This excavator is a real all-rounder and a specialist in every discipline, from quick loading to precise digging and powerful demolition work. What particularly sets it apart is its ability to control its tremendous power with great precision – for maximum productivity and therefore a fast return on investment.

Telehandler Promotions

Elevate your expectations with the All-New SANY Telehandler series!
Designed in Germany, these cutting-edge machines have once again set the standard for safety, convenience, and performance. Reach new heights with SANY’s precision engineering and experience a whole new level of efficiency.
✔ Market leading price
✔ Quality Japanese & European Components from brands you know and trust
✔ Units in stock, with quick turn around times
Promotion will run until stocks last (limited stock available).
Don’t miss out on this remarkable advancement in telehandler technology.
SANY STH1440 Telehandler sale VIC

Roading Machinery Promotions

STR30C-8 Roller:

In Stock & Ready To Roll

For a limited time only, get the STR30C-8 Tandem Drum Roller at the introductory price of $39,990+GST!

3T Roller promotion