Vertu Equipment provides efficient and powerful large excavator models designed for tackling challenging workloads with ease. Book a demo and quote today.

Big Excavators for Even Bigger Jobs

Our large construction machinery incorporates advanced features like Cummins engines, intelligent control systems, and advanced hydraulic systems. This range of excavators delivers optimised performance and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for various industries and applications. Explore our range below and discover how they can enhance your project while meeting your specifications and budget.

Explore the Exceptional Features of SANY Excavators

No matter how far, how high, or how heavy, our range of large excavators are built to move more. Our excavators are heavy-duty and reliable, ensuring excellent performance and safety standards. Built with decades of experience and cutting-edge engineering, SANY Excavators are trusted by customers worldwide. Discover what makes SANY excavators a cut above the rest.

A Longer Life Span

SANY excavators are built to last and provide customers with the highest level of performance and value. Their structural components can operate efficiently for over 10,000 hours, eclipsing previous standards. With robust design and sturdy construction, these machines can handle even the most challenging work environments with ease. Our excavators are backed by our commitment to quality assurance, so our customers can trust in the durability and reliability of our products.

Whether you are working in mining, construction, or other demanding fields, our large excavators will provide you with the cost-effective, high-performance solution you have been looking for.

Superior Stability

SANY’s advanced, large excavators are designed to remain stable and secure in any work environment. Rest easy knowing they have the strength to handle any challenge safely, no matter how tough the terrain.

Our commitment to quality means you can trust our excavators to be the most dependable option for your heavy-duty excavation needs. So don’t settle for anything less than the best; choose our excavators and experience unparalleled performance and confidence on the job

Reduced Downtime

Trust in SANY’s large excavators – they come built with reinforced parts and a sturdy structure, so they can run continuously without any interruptions. Their advanced filtration system also guarantees that hydraulic oil is clean and efficient for longer periods; you can reduce maintenance time and costs by half. Make the smart choice of getting SANY excavators and watch your work site productivity soar.