SANY Compact Diggers and Excavators

Manufactured to squeeze into the gaps their full-sized counterparts cannot, our range of compact diggers provides the manoeuvrability and versatility essential to most worksites. When space is limited, but power is a must, you can rely on our SANY compact excavators to do the job! As the bigger brothers of our mini-excavators, compact diggers offer powerful performance in a small package, ideal for tight spaces requiring much more than manpower. Explore our range below

Big Performance in a Compact Package

Despite their small size, these machines deliver impressive performance and practicality, making them essential on any job site. It’s no wonder that more and more job sites nationwide are using compact excavators. Explore the reasons behind their growing popularity.

Ideal for Small Sites

Compact excavators have the advantage of being able to operate in areas and work sites that are inaccessible to their larger counterparts without compromising on performance. Their exceptional manoeuvrability and impressive power make them the ideal equipment for tackling challenging and hard-to-reach sites.

To avoid any project delays caused by difficulties transporting heavy machinery to the site, rent a compact excavator from Vertu Equipment.

Straightforward Operation

As excavators increase in size, they also become more challenging to operate, necessitating extensive training. Conversely, compact excavators are simple and user-friendly, requiring minimal training while delivering exceptional performance.

Using compact excavators for your excavation tasks can reduce training time and costs on your site. Take advantage of their intuitive design and boost your team’s productivity today.

Minimal Noise

Larger excavators are often quite noisy, thundering around while in operation. Although this may not be a concern on larger job sites, it can pose a problem on smaller or residential work sites where noise pollution is an issue.

Compact excavators, on the other hand, are perfectly suited for jobs that require a quieter work environment due to their smaller size. Minimise noise disturbances and ensure a peaceful work environment by opting for a compact digger on your next project.